Priests and Saviours

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In my short life time I have evolved from the views of an atheist teenager, a part believer in God and a sceptic in the supernatural. From the stories I've heard  while working with people, and being in close contact with the dying I've solidified certain beliefs. One is that humans are not alone,  and there are other beings out there. They may be spirits of the departed, angels, demons or the fey. Whatever they are they exist and our religious leaders are in close contact with them.

I heard this story from a young woman living in Northern Ireland, lets call her Sally. Sally had been invited to dinner at the local pastors house when a distraught husband came in.His wife had been acting strange for the past few months. The man explained that during the same time every month , his wife was not herself. She spoke in a different voice and did terrible things. The man was afraid for the lives of his children and he feared his wife may be possessed.

The pastor asked the man to bring his wife to the house as quickly as possible, and gathered his holy books and some holy water. When the woman arrived she looked normal and spoke as usual. She said, she felt there was a demon inside her and  had some how swallowed it. She claimed that it spoke to her and told her to do terrible things which she couldn't stop. The woman begged the priest to help her or kill her, because she could not take this torment any longer.

The priest began praying, recanting an exorcism verse, as Sally watched from the hallway. The woman started to writhe in pain and shrieked when doused with holy water. She began speaking in the voice of a man, hurling curses at the priest as the husband and another family member held her down. Finally the woman start wrenching and vomited amongst gastric fluids a flesh-like object, the size of a child's doll. The priest grabbed the object and threw it into the fire. Whatever it was it burnt quickly leaving a putrid odour. The woman now exhausted sank to the ground.

Sally was so terrified after watching this incident, that she never slept alone for weeks to come. The woman was apparently cured from her affliction and never again displayed any abnormal behaviours. She diligently attended church every week and remains happily married. So it seems, that even though the average person may be sceptical to the existence the supernatural, our religious leaders are aware of the truth, and are able to rid us of the evils they may inflict apon us.



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