Souls that linger

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I have spoken to so many people about the supernatural. Some remain sceptical about faeries, sprites, demons and angels. However all have a similar consensus when it comes to the dead. They believe some linger or return. Sometimes to check on us or to keep us from harm

 Have you ever had a dream about a friend or relative that has passed on? Have you ever felt a touch when you were alone, or a breeze when no windows were open? Everyone will answer 'yes' to one of these questions. Our parents say they are here to guide us and watch over us. So we tell others the same.For those of you who still remain sceptical here is a story that may dispel your disbelief's.

My hairdresser Bryne, told me about an experience with a spectre, that she had as a teenager. One night, she went over to her friend Maree's home to watch movies. The two girls were suppose to be home alone, so they made their popcorn, gathered their blankets and  cold drinks, then settled in for a movie-marathon. After the first movie, Maree went to the kitchen to refill their drinks. Bryne lingered in the lounge waiting for her. She saw an old man dressed in a singlet and undies come out of the downstairs bedroom, and go into the toilet next to the room.
 She was a little unsettled by seeing an old man in his undies, but other than that, thought nothing odd about it at the time.

 Maree came back with drinks, so they turned off the lights to watch the next movie. My hairdresser never checked if the old man came out of the toilet. She just assumed he was a relative and had wanted to give the girls some privacy.

After the second movie Bryne needed to use the toilet, so Maree said to use the downstairs one. She thought this was a bad idea,  as she might run into the old man in his undies. So she told her friend, she would use the one upstairs in case the old man needed to use the down stairs toilet again. Her friend told her they were home alone, and declared no one old lived in the house. Bryne didn't believe this as she had definitely seen an old man,  so she described him to Maree. Maree's face paled at the description. She told Bryne, that she was describing her grandfather who had occupied the downstairs room a year ago before he died.

So it seems, even if we think they have followed the bright light leaving us behind. Some of them come back to ensure we are safe and never alone. Our guardians and protectors throughout our lives.



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