Ancestral Protectors

I have heard several stories of ancestral and familial protectors during my years in Africa. During the 1700s the Khoisan people of South Africa believed following the righteous living practises of their ancestral heroes would gain them good virtue and strength. So, eliminating all perils in life so they may survive the dangers of the world and reap wealth like their deities. These gods were revered with prayer and animal sacrifices. Such people sometimes created amulets from the animals hide which added further protection  

However with time most legends faded but our ancestral protectors have not moved away. They still guide us through paths of righteousness, if we are open to just visions. A friend living in the western suburbs of Sydney told me of several incidents of familial protection and guidance. On such incident occurred at her home and was witnessed by several family members. A few years back her brother died and his passing left his family unsettled. Tension amounted as weeks pasted gave rise to constant arguments each growing in intensity and animosity.

One evening during a heated exchange between my friend and her nephew, a milk bottle shot from one end of the counter to the other and simultaneously an object fell off a high shelf fell on the opposite side of the kitchen. My friend and her daughter felt a chill run through their souls, as  they realised the cause of the movements. The departed was not happy with the situation and the vial emotions going through his kin, but this was not the first time, something like this occurred. The dispute soon faded, but my friend has noted several other times when family members have been seen or felt by her and her daughters. They seem to be there to remind they are being protected and guided.

Coming from a Scottish background may link these individuals to the fey, and account for such sight and protection. Nevertheless I do believe,  you do not have to have a hint of supernatural DNA to have a protector. They appear to be around us. Just leave yourself open to them and you too may be able to resolve negative tensions in your life with the help of your ancestors.


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Chinese Mythology A to Z by Jeremy Roberts 


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