Messages from the other side

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Throughout my life, I have heard several stories about the other side. In fact all the stories collected and written in this blog, come from people doing all sorts of jobs all over the world, and their stories seem to link us to the other side. I once went for spiritual classes held by a Hindu devotee. Here I learnt the soul is like a light, that energises the body giving it life. Also, the souls of all creatures on earth are linked, we are all part of one entity that is God, and our task is to get back to the all mighty.

The messages we receive here on earth, seem to be guides, or warnings. Their meanings are sometimes unclear, but if we can unravel them, we may be able to have a smoother existence. This next story is about an unclear message.

A young gentleman, arrived at fifteen minutes to midnight at a maternity ward in Pietermaritzburg. He was there to meet his girlfriend ,who worked nights at the unit for her midnight lunch break. Upon arriving early, he parked next to an old white Mercedes Benz that had its motor running. Assuming it was another person there to meet a nurse during her break, the young man glanced over into the drivers seat of the white car. An old lady with silver flowing hair sat in the car, she smiled at him, got out of the car and walked to the unit. He noticed she had no shoes and wore a flowing dress. She went to the building wall and began doting it from one side, with glowing blue dots. The man was transfixed, he wondered who she was and what she was doing, but it being almost midnight, and him sitting outside a hospital alone, he thought it wise to remain in his car. Once the lady had dotted all around the building, she got back in her car. The young man thought it wise not to look in her direction again. His girlfriend came out of the unit shortly. He told her not to look at the car next to him, and related what had just occurred.
The nurse was puzzled by his tale, and suggested the young man must have fallen asleep as he waited for her. He denied this and stated the car was proof of the tale, but when he looked to his right there was no car there. He was parked next to a vacant car space.

Needless to say, after this experience the young man never met his girlfriend for her break during her night shift.The lady and her actions, remain a mystery to the young man. He wonders why he saw her and what it all meant. The message though received remains still coded, or was the mere existence of the woman that was a message in itself. A reminder perhaps, that we are not alone and forgotten in this universe.



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