Quarantine Station in Manly Sydney

Acknowledgements to http://www.manlyquarantine.com/Historical%20photos.htm for the image

Just this week, I heard a supernatural story from a friend about Quarantine Station, in Manly Sydney.

The land upon which, the Quarantine Station in Manly was built, was first occupied by the aborigines. After the first British fleets came to Australia, the settlers negotiated with the natives, and took over the land. The arrival of subsequent other fleets, and the prevalence of disease on board the ships, resulted in an area being needed for the temporal housing of the sick. So, the above building was built, and the sick were housed and treated there. Unfortunately medicine was still a work in progress, and several people died in this building.

The building was used for 140 years as a quarantine site for settlers, and the last ship that brought in occupants was in 1975. Due to its history the building is now a heritage site, and presently conducts tours. One tour that enthralled my friend was the ghost tour. He and his close mates hearing stories about this tour decided to give it a try.

They met the tour guide at night, and were given old fashioned lanterns to light the way as they walked through the buildings. The guide, told them to follow closely and not veer away from the group. During the tour, they were told several stories of spectra appearances in the buildings. One such tale, was about a little girl that haunted a certain area, and tried to harm people that passed through. My friend and his mates being the 'adventurous' types, veered of for a while, and could feel the air thick with menace. Subsequently, they were quick to rejoin the others. As they passed the area inhabited by the little girl, my friend felt his throat close up as if something strangled him.

 Unfortunately, the group did not see any ghosts on this tour, but they definitely felt a supernatural presence in these buildings. The tour guide told them that he had forgotten a lantern in the buildings once. When he went back in to get it, he saw its glow through a window upstairs and at the window someone looked down at him that was dressed in clothing from the 1800's.

I must say this tale, made the hair at the nape of my neck stand up. Even just writing it had the same effect. So for those of you, wanting a supernatural experience, I highly recommend the Quarantine Buildings Ghost Tour.



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