Are ancestors protectors?

I have often wondered about the African Ancestors. Living in South Africa for most of my life, I've heard about the how the African people pray to their ancestors. Even though Christianity has become rife in this part of the world the ancestor is not forgotten. People have ceremonies in which they pray to their ancestors and tie cow hide strings to keep them safe from the darkness of our world. Nevertheless are these ancestors guides in life or in death. I have often wondered this especially after hearing this chilling tale.

A friend of mine worked in a small town hospital in South Africa, and one night, she was placed in the paediatric wing with a very sick child. The child's condition had been progressively getting worse, and all types of treatments where failing. The mother, who was constantly with the child for the past few days, was given a bed in the ward next door. So, after a long day she retired just before midnight. Midnight,  was not only an ominous hour, it was also lunchtime for the senior nurse. So, my friend was left alone in the ward with several other babies and the sick one. During the hour, the child got increasingly fretful, and began crying none stop. My friend, got up to attend to the child, but sat down quickly, when the words 'Sheeah!'(English translation: Leave it!), resonated through the air. Knowing, that she was the only person able to talk in the ward, my friend was scared stiff. She sat down for a moment, and the baby continued to cry. She kept thinking 'Do I listen to the ghost or go to the child?' The child continued to cry, so she did what she was there to do, and attended to the child. The whole time wondering if the ghost would speak again. Thankfully, it never did. My friend, called the doctor to review the child, unfortunately he died shortly after. After the incident, my friend, was sure it was an ancestor that spoke to her, someone knowing that no amount of treatment would save the child. So, they were there, to help the child to the other side. She believes, such ancestors exist and they are the ones that come for you once you life is done.

I don't know how far I believe this, but several people speak of dead family members when they are dying. Is it really them they see? If so it seems that our ancestors, are truly there to guide us through the difficult times in our lives.



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