Lady in White

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The legends of The lady in White has been past down through time. Most men I have spoken to have either heard the story or experience something first hand. Even the first episode of the popular television series Supernatural, had a rendition of the Lady in White. That first episode scared me so much I never watched another episode.

However, I heard a story that was even more frightening. A friend of mine told me about an incident involving her brother. Let's call him Jake. Jake and his friends being in their twenties, went out to a night club and had a few drinks. They left late, and being in a mood for anything dangerous, took the long road home. An isolated road, that not many people used at night, due to the stories rumours of usual experiences after dark. Shortly after getting on to the road, they saw a woman walking at the side of it. She was bare foot and wore a flowing dress. They slowed down as they past her, she was beautiful, almost ethereal. Being non believers in the supernatural and intoxicated they, rolled down their windows and spoke to the women. She implored them to get out of the car, and when they refused she grabbed hold of Jake's arm and tried to pull him out through the window. Something about her strength and screams terrified the boys so they drove off, holding onto Jake. Looking back, they could not see the woman. She had simply vanished, or so they thought. Later, when Jake got home and went to bed, he he felt something sit on the side of his bed. He got off the bed terrified and ran to the bedroom door. The door wouldn't open. He scream for his mother, she also tried the door, and when it did not open she began saying a prayer. The door finally opened, but Jake still felt an awful presence in his room. His mother sat on the bed and read from the Bible most of the night until a weight was lifted of the bed and Jake could finally relax and sleep.

It appears the Lady in White is usually only seen by men, so a 'word to the wise' guys, when you see a beautiful lady walking along a desolate road, don't stop. Just drive away as fast as you can.


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