Spiritual Healers

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After talking about fortune tellers and ancestors I remembered an experience I had with a spiritual healer. Being a Hindu, I have seen a few spiritual healers, with some I have definitely had my doubts about whether they were genuine. However this one lady definitely appeared reputable.
She gave spiritual advice every Tuesday morning. She would begin at 6am and not take a break until the last person was gone.Being elderly this was no easy task ,and there were several people, most Tuesdays she finished at 3pm. Definitely a dedicated lady. She would also, as a general rule, never tell you something negative, merely give you a prayer to say, or a few words on paper, to guide you away from ill fate.
The reason I thought she was genuine, was the emotion I felt when she told me my fate. I was overcome by a feeling of intense enliftment so strong that I cried. She told me to pray for my father and gave me a special piece of paper for him with some ashes. Another thing that proved her credibility was, she would call on people that were getting late for work first, even if they never mentioned this.
Sadly my father died before the year was over, it was a good death. Consequently, I feel her guidance helped, also she several other things she mentioned on the day came to pass. Even before they did I was completely convinced of her credibility. So it seems, there are these special people, here on earth that can have a connection to some type of oracle, that may guide us humans through bad times.

If you have had a similar experience, I would love to hear them. Please post them in the comment section.


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