Palmistry and Fortune tellers

Have you ever had you fortune read? Did you believe what the fortune teller told you? I don't know if all fortune tellers are credible but I do know that some hit it on the mark. Three years ago I had my fortune read by a lovely lady of Romanian descent, at a flea market. She read the lines on my palm, and told me the job I did was bad for my soul and that I should never had stopped studying what I did. Nevertheless, life happens, and it seems we sometimes move away from our destinies. However, she said I would study , get a degree and the job that followed would be better. I didn't believe a word she said. However a few months after I saw her I decided to start writing a book and went for a novel writing course. I then noticed something odd on my palm, the line that stopped abruptly when I stopped studying began to grow until it spanned to the end of my palm. I started a degree last year, and the line, faint at first got darker. So am I back on my path? Maybe. Was the fortune teller genuine? I'm inclined to say she was. So if ever in doubt ,of your destiny it may be a good idea to consult someone with knowledge of the astral plane.

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