Faery Ground

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There are several legends and stories of faeries. Folk tales from all around the world, talk of the little people and how they help, or harm humans. Its true, these tales may be centuries old, but what have happened to the faeries? Are they still amongst us, or have they died off, due to the destruction of the forests, that are their homes? Or have they found other places to live?

An Irish gentleman, told me a story about the abandoned land near his grandmother's house. His grandmother lived on a vast piece of land near Dublin. This property had been in the family for generations, and the abandoned land with ruins was part of  the family property. However, due to rumours no one ever went near it. The children were told, it was inhabited by unfriendly faeries. So, completely indoctrinated in the Irish beliefs of the wee people, no one ever ventured near. Odd sounds were heard from this land from time to time, but the family were loathe to give investigate. After the grandmother's death it was decided that the abandoned land should be sold. A developer bought the land, demolished the ruins, and built units. This was an unwise decision.The people living in the units had constant problems. Solid walls would crack, strange things would be seen and eerie sounds were constantly heard. The happenings were so severe, that people were terrified to live there, and soon  all the units were abandoned. Up to this day no one lives on the property.

From this story it appears, the faeries were not happy with human habitation of their land. As a result  they took action to send  the people away. It is true, by cutting down the forests and increased human developement  we have sent the wee folk fleeing. However, if the land we take is truly theirs, this tale reminds us that the faeries will not go quietly, and we may be forced to give their land back to them.



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